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Sidehill Specifications

900/65R32 Front Tires
620/75R26 Rear Tires
900/60R38 Front Tires
480/70R30 Rear Tires
30.5LR32 Front Tires
480/70R30 Rear Tires
John Deere ModelsS680 & S690S660 & S670S550
A36 ft 3 in, (22 ft 5 in Standard Unloading Auger)33 ft 6 in, (22 ft 5 in Standard Unloading Auger)30 ft 11 in (18 ft 5 in Unloading Auger)
B28 ft 1 in28 ft 2 in27 ft 9 in
C16 ft 3 in (400 bu Folding)16 ft 2 in (300 bu Folding)NA
D15 ft 10 in15 ft 9 in14 ft 10 in
E15 ft 1 in (400 bu. extensions)14 ft 3 in (300 bu extensions)13 ft 9 in
F13 ft 2 in13 ft 3 in13 ft
G13 ft13 ft12 ft 10 in
H2 ft 2 in2 ft 2 in1 ft 11 in
I12 ft 11 in12 ft 11 in12 ft 11 in
J12 ft 3 in12 ft 4 in12 ft 4 in
Ka11 in11 in8 in
La12 ft 6 in10 ft 11 in (Narrow UC),
12 ft 6 in (Std UC)
10 ft 11 in (Narrow UC),
12 ft 6 in (Narrow UC
with dual extensions)
Ma16 ft14 ft 5 in (Narrow UC),
16 ft (Std UC)
14 ft 5 in (Narrow UC),
16 ft (Narrow UC with dual extensions)
N18% (10.2º)18% (10.2º)18% (10.2º)
Leveling ControllerSlope Sensing Clinometer
Leveling SpeedProportional Control with Auto / Manual
Leveling Hydraulic SystemIntegrated into Combine's Closed Center HydraulicsGear PumpGear Pump
Header Lateral Tilt ControlHydraulic Master / Slave Cylinder w/ Auto/Manual Override
Feeder TransitionExtended Feeder Chain
Leveling System InstallationThe unique bolt-on design of Hillco Leveling Systems makes Near Factory and Dealer installation a convenient option for both new and pre-owned combines.
Leveling System Shipping Weight4,600 lbs4,600 lbs4,200 lbs
Net Weight Added to Combineb3,600 lbs3,600 lbs3,200 lbs

aDue to different tire configurations, row spacings, axle configurations, wheel offsets, axle positions and spindles types, machine widths will vary. Measurements given in chart are for minimum and maximum widths with single drive tires. For more detailed width information please contact Hillco.

bDue to different combine options weight will vary.

NOTE: Dimensions are approximate and subject to change without notice.

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