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Lateral Header Tilt Systems


LT-100 & LT-200

Lateral Tilt Body
The LT-100 and LT-200 bolt to the front of your combine's feeder house moving the header forward. No cutting or welding is required. The header is attached to the LT-100 and LT-200 just like it was originally attached to the feeder house. Spring loaded pins lock the header in place. Once equipped - The LT-100 delivers 4° of left/right rotation. The LT-200 delivers the same great features as the LT-100 but also includes 9° of fore/aft tilt. This feature is especially important when matching headers and combines from different production periods insuring that the header angle can be optimized for maximum header performance.

LT-100 ShieldsLT-200 ShieldsAdjustable Shields
The adjustable shields allow the LT-100 and LT-200 to accommodate both wide and narrow feeder house widths. This versatile feature insures these two lateral tilt models will fit any 9000, Ten or Fifty Series John Deere combines.

Compact Design
Mount the header and the LT-100 and LT-200 virtually disappear, maintaining your combine's "factory" look. The original fore/aft header angle is maintained on the LT-100 while the LT-200 is fore/aft adjustable for optimum header performance.

LT-100Hydraulic Valve
The LT-100 and LT-200's hydraulic valve easily mounts into your combine's original hydraulic valve stack. The kit is complete with all hydraulic hoses and adapters.

Longer Feeder Drum Arms
Longer feeder drum arms and extra feeder chain are part of every LT-100 & LT-200 kit. These components move the feeder chain drum forward 6" for the LT-100 and 9" for the LT-200 to insure proper feeding in all crop conditions.
LT-100 & LT-200 Feeder Chain

Hydro handle50 Series ControllerElectrical Control System
Original John Deere cab controls, circuit boards, and header sensors are used for all combine models. These components are not included in the kit and are purchased separately from your dealer.

Auto-Lateral Tilt Electrical Harness
The auto-lateral tilt electrical harness allows even pre-Contour Master 9000 Series combines to be equipped with fully automated header control.
Auto-Lateral Tilt Electrical Harness

"The Lateral Tilt Systems are a great option to have. The improved versatility is far better than a machine without lateral tilt. It should be standard on all combines." - Larry Bateman, Kennewick, WA

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