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Lateral Header Tilt Systems


Where can I purchase a Lateral Tilt System?
Lateral Tilt Systems are available directly from Hillco Technologies or they can be purchased from your local authorized John Deere dealer. We would prefer to see you purchase it through your local dealership. If your dealer isn't familiar with the product have them contact Hillco and we will establish them as a Hillco dealer.

What will it cost to upgrade my combine?
To determine your cost of a fully installed LT-100 or LT-200, contact Hillco or your local John Deere dealer. You may also download or view the LT-100 and LT-200 Ordering Guide from the Lateral Tilt Systems Literature link. Using your combine's model and serial number you will get a reasonably accurate quote for your specific combine. You will also need to consider shipping and installation cost if you have it done by your dealership. (Don't forget, when using the LT-100, LT-200, or Contour Master, telescoping driveshafts are required to drive the headers. If you need to convert your headers please see Hillco's "Header Conversion Kit" web information for more details.)

Won't it take a long time and be expensive to purchase a Lateral Tilt System from a company in Idaho?
Hillco Technologies ships and inventories Lateral Tilt Systems by the truckload to our distribution site in Colona, Illinois as well as maintaining an inventory at our production facility in Idaho. Colona is conveniently located near the John Deere Harvester Works combine plant. Lateral Tilt Systems can be picked up at Colona or shipped from our warehouse to your location. This arrangement greatly reduces the cost and time of delivery.

Does Hillco stand behind its products?
Hillco Technologies manufacturers the highest quality parts for today's farmers. Hillco realizes the importance of uptime and works closely with your dealership to provide excellent product and customer support both before and after the sale. Hillco products are also backed by a one-year warranty.

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Will Hillco Lateral Tilt Systems stand up under the heavy loads of today's larger headers?

The LT-100 & LT-200 have been used on John Deere combines from the 9400 to the 9750 STS and have proven in the field that they can handle the heaviest of headers; from 12-row 30-inch corn head to a 35-foot flex platform.

Will a Lateral Tilt System affect my combine's feeding?
The main purpose of equipping a combine with lateral header tilt is to increase its productivity. That is why Hillco took special care in the design and testing of the LT-100 & LT-200 to insure that they feed as well or better than combines with and without Contour Master. Hillco's top pivot design complemented with the drop floor has proven to be an excellent feed system in the toughest of harvesting environments; from long, tough, viney crops to short, slick straw conditions.

Can I do my own installation?
Many customers have successfully installed Lateral Tilt Systems. Every Lateral Tilt System is shipped with a detailed installation manual containing clear instructions, pictures and illustrations.

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Will my combine be modified by the installation of a Lateral Tilt System?
There is absolutely no cutting or welding required on your combine to install a Lateral Tilt System, it is truly "bolt-on". And the electrical wiring is all accomplished through connectors that require no wire cutting or splicing.

How is the operation of a Lateral Tilt System equipped combine different from one equipped with Contour Master?
There is no difference in operation. Hillco utilizes John Deere cab controls so that the operator interface is identical to combines with Contour Master. The LT-100 & LT-200 deliver the same 4° of lateral tilt as Contour Master and can be operated manually or fully automatic. Both systems utilize John Deere header sensors. Other than seeing the LT-100 or LT-200 attached to the front of the feederspout you won't know the difference.

Do Lateral Tilt Systems change the angle of my header?
LT-100: Installation of an LT-100 does not change the fore/aft angle of your header.
LT-200: Is specifically designed to provide 9° of fore/aft tilt adjustment so you can optimize the header angle for best performance and eliminate the need for wedge kits.

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