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Lateral Header Tilt Systems
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Lateral Header Tilt Systems


Lateral Tilt System Models
  • LT-100: Fits 9000, 10, & 50 Series Combines

  • LT- 200: Fits 9000, 10, & 50 Series Combines
Learn more about the LT-100 and LT-200 features »

LT-100 & LT-200
If you know about Contour Master™ you'll love the LT-100 & LT-200 Lateral Header Tilt Systems. Both systems deliver 4° of left/right lateral tilt while the LT-200 also includes 9° of fore-aft header adjustment. Both models deliver excellent field contouring performance at a fraction of the purchase and installation cost of using John Deere components. The LT-100 & LT-200 seamlessly integrates with original John Deere Contour Master electronics giving your 9000, 10 and 50 Series John Deere combines fully automated lateral header tilt control. The bolt-on design makes it a breeze to install and Hillco's exclusive auto lateral tilt electrical harness gives you the flexibility to update even those 9000 Series combines built before the introduction of Contour Master. In all, this virtually invisible gem delivers fully visible results that will make this your smartest harvesting investment.


Hillco's Lateral Tilt Systems deliver superior ground hugging performance, reduce skipping and put more bushels in the bin. Fully automatic header height and tilt control allow you to operate your combine at faster speeds, harvesting more acres in fewer hours.

The recent popularity of Contour Master has reduced the resale value of non-Contour Master combines. Lateral Header Tilt Systems maximize your combine's value and performance without the added cost of trading combines.

Fully automated header height and tilt control means better operator performance with less stress. Don't wear yourself out straining to keep your header in the cut and out of the dirt -- especially in dark or dusty conditions.

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