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JB510 SPRB System


One Combine. One Baler. One Pass.

You're already harvesting the grain from your fields... Why not capitalize on another source of revenue all in one pass? The Hillco Single Pass Round Bale System is the most efficient way of collecting corn stover without slowing down your harvest. Built exclusively for the John Deere S-Series ProDrive combine and 569 round baler; turning non-stop round baling into a reality.

SPRB Systems - One Combine. One Baler. One Pass.

The Hillco SPRB System produces quality bales with the lowest ash (dirt) content, highest digestibility, and densest material of any other corn stover bales on the market. By removing mostly the upper portion of the plant, SPRB System bales remove minimal plant nutrients from the soil; making single pass baling a sustainable option year after year.
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