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JB510 SPRB System


Equipment Requirements

What are the combine requirements for the SPRB System?

  • John Deere S Series ProDrive (S660 Not Recommended)
  • Chopper
  • Vane or PowerCast Tailboard

  • What are the baler requirements for an SPRB System?

  • 569 Standard
  • MegaWide pickup
  • 21.5L-16.1L tires
  • 1000 RPM PTO Drive
  • CoverEdge Netwrap

  • Does the SPRB System include the baler, or is that purchased separately?
    The baler is purchased separately through your local John Deere Dealer.

    Purchasing a Single Pass Round Bale System

    Where can I purchase a Hillco Single Pass Round Bale System?
    The Hillco SPRB System is only available through authorized John Deere dealers.

    If I have a Hillco SPRB System installed on my John Deere combine and baler, will it void the original warranties?
    No. Hillco has a Referral Supplier Agreement with John Deere stating that all original combine and baler warranties remain in effect.

    Will the SPRB System work with any other equipment brands other than John Deere?
    No. The SPRB System is exclusively built for John Deere S Series ProDrive combines and 569 Standard round balers.

    Installation and Service

    Who will install the SPRB System on my combine and baler?
    A detailed installation manual is shipped with all SPRB Systems to assist the purchasing dealer during installation of the unit on the combine and baler. Whether you have a new or used S-Series ProDrive ® combine and 569 Standard baler, your local John Deere dealer will complete the installation of the SPRB system for both your combine and your baler.

    Where do I go for service of a Hillco SPRB System?
    The SPRB System is sold and serviced through your local authorized John Deere Dealership.

    Can the SPRB System be installed on used combines and balers?
    Yes, as long as the combine and baler meet the configuration requirements, the SPRB System can be installed on both new or used combines and balers.

    Can the SPRB System be removed from the combine or baler?
    Yes. There is no cutting or welding done on the equipment when installing this unit. The Hillco SPRB System integrates into the existing electrical and hydraulic lines on the 569 baler, simplifying the installation process.

    Bales Produced and Material Collected

    How are Hillco SPRB System bales different from traditional corn stalk bales?
    When used in corn, the SPRB System collects all of the material coming out of the back of the combine and makes it into a bale before it ever touches the ground. This collection method reduces the amount of ash, or "dirt", considerably over traditionally baled stalk bales. SPRB System bales contain leaves, husks, cobs, as well as corn, providing a higher quality source of roughage.

    Can you harvest in the hills with a Hillco SPRB System?
    The same techniques apply using a Hillco Single Pass Round Bale System as any other type of round baling. If the bales could roll because the hill is too steep, then it is not recommended that you use the SPRB System during that time.

    What are average collection rates with this system?
    Average removal rates in corn are about 1 ton per acre (in 180 bu. corn) depending on yield and variety. These low removal rates make the SPRB System method of MOG removal truly sustainable. SPRB System 5'x6' bales weigh an average 1,750 lbs and are considerably denser than traditional stalk bales, which average 1,400 lbs.


    Is it necessary to stop the combine to wrap and eject a bale?
    No. The Hillco SPRB System's accumulator collects material while the baler is wrapping, allowing for non-stop harvesting. Bales will wrap and eject automatically, or you can switch to "manual" mode and eject bales as you wish.

    What if I do not want to collect material at certain times?
    Depending on the operator's preference, it's a simple push of a button to go from collect to spread. If the operator wishes to stop spreading and start collecting, the push of a button moves an actuator to allow for full collection of material non-stop.

    Are there any cameras located on the SPRB System?
    Yes. The monitor is located in the cab, along with the SPRB controls. Cameras are located:

  • On the hitch so you can back the combine up yourself and connect the system
  • On the back of the combine so you can see material inside the accumulator
  • On the back of the baler so you can see bales as they eject

  • Productivity

    Will bales interfere with the grain cart while unloading on the go?
    Certain header/unloading auger combinations will result in bale interference when unloading on the go; however, due to the low removal rates and denser bales there are far fewer bales per pass than conventionally baled stalk bales. See chart below:

    Comparison Between Headers and Unloading Augers in 180 bu/ac Corn
    HeaderAuger LengthSpace Between
    Bale and Header
    Auger Spout
    Outside or Inside Bale
    Bale in Path
    of Grain Cart
    Bales Per Pass*
    608C 22.5 ft 7.5 ft Outside No 1.2
    608C 26 ft 7.5 ft Outside No 1.2
    612C 22.5 ft 12.5 ft Inside Yes 1.8
    612C 26 ft 12.5 ft Same distance as bale Yes 1.8
    616C 22.5 ft 17.5 ft Inside No 2.4
    616C 26 ft 17.5 ft Inside No 2.4

    *Number of bales per 0.5 mile pass on 160 acre field

    Will the SPRB system slow down my harvest?
    Results from 2013 harvest indicate the SPRB System impacted productivity less than 5%. This was primarily attributed to tight turns on headlands. Customers felt that adding additional headland passes during planting would reduce the tight turns, reducing impact on combine productivity further.

    Will the SPRB System increase fuel consumption for the combine?
    Results from 2013 harvest indicate an average fuel increase of less than 5%.

    Does the SPRB System affect combine maneuverability?
    Very little. The SPRB System has a long hitch, which makes backing up easy. Conveniently located video cameras also assist the operator when backing up is required in tight turns or when hooking up a unit.

    Can the SPRB System be towed by anything besides the combine?
    Yes. In the event an SPRB equipped combine is unavailable, the SPRB system can be transported with a properly ballasted tractor. See the "Safety" section in the 569 round baler operator's manual for tractor requirements.

    How difficult is it to disconnect the SPRB System from the combine?
    In the event the operator does not want to tow the SPRB System, the unit can be easily disconnected in a matter of minutes. Disconnecting the high pressure couplers and electrical plug along with the pintle style hitch make unhooking the unit quick and easy.

    Will the spout be in the way when accessing the sieves?
    The spout is mounted to the chopper and pivots out of the way along with the chopper when access is required to the sieve area.

    What are the horsepower requirements of the SPRB System?
    Because the baler only runs when the accumulator is full or when the bale is wrapping, the SPRB System requires far less horsepower than traditional round balers. See chart below:

    FunctionDuty CyclePeak Horsepower
    Draft Load100%70
    Feed System< 60%
    Baler< 80%

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