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JB510 SPRB System


Please see our DAM II Bale Study information sheet that contains data from a study performed by John Deere, ADM, and Monsanto.

The SPRB System produces a higher quality and cleaner bale than traditional corn stalk bales. The bales created are even and dense, weighing approximately 1750 lbs.

Feedstock - Feed analysis testing indicates that SPRB System bales have higher quality characteristics vs. traditional corn stalk bales when used as roughage in a feed ration.

Low Ash Content - SPRB System bales are proven to have lower ash ("dirt") content than traditional stalk bales because the material never touches the ground prior to baling.

Grindability - Reports indicate the fine, compact material in SPRB Bales processes faster than traditional stalk bales saving valuable time and money.

JB510 Benefits

Ash Content of Conventionally Baled Corn Stalk Bales
and Single Pass Round Bale System Bales

(2011-2013, Iowa & Nebraska)
Ash Content

Bale Comparison
Nutrient (% DM)SPRB BaleCorn Stalk Bale
Dry Matter81.8184.56
Crude Protein4.014.47
Bales core sampled in varying areas of Nebraska and Iowa during 2011-2013.

Sustainable Removal Rates
Today's higher yields create excess stover, tying up valuable nutrients. Studies show that stover removal rates of up to 30% can increase yield in corn on corn rotations. Studies also suggest that MOG removal rates of less than 30% are sustainable and do not require additional Nitrogen and Phosphate. The SPRB System removes, on average, .8 to 1.4 tons/ac (variety and yield will affect MOG removal rates).

Compared to traditional corn stalk bales, the SPRB System bales are made up of corn, husks, cobs and leaves, making it a higher quality feed source while removing a lower amount of essential plant nutrients from the soil.

Less Residue - Promotes warmer soil temperature resulting in earlier planting and seed emergence.

JB510 Benefits

The SPRB System offers the ability to harvest and bale MOG (Material Other than Grain) at the same time, providing the most economical way to maximize time, manpower and equipment.

Reduced Field Passes - Eliminates the need for additional field passes vs. traditional corn stalk baling.

Reduced Manpower & Equipment - The Hillco Single Pass Round Bale System is a true "One and Done" solution - decreasing equipment and manpower requirements. "One Combine. One Baler. One Pass...AND One Operator!"

Low Horsepower Consumption - The SPRB System and baler engage only when the accumulator is full, minimizing horsepower consumption and maximizing productivity.

JB510 Benefits

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