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Hillside27% Slope Compensation

JH7010 Hillside for S660 & S670 Combines
JH9010 Hillside for S680 & S690 Combines

The Heart of Every Hillco Leveling System
As combines evolve so do Hillco Leveling Systems. Staying true to the quality and performance of our previous leveling systems, the newly designed undercarriage accommodates today's heavier combines and heads. Hillco keeps the design simple by moving the combine's original transmission to final drive assembly from the combine's main axle to the leveling system's undercarriage. This simple but effective design keeps the treadface of the tires flat on the ground for improved traction stability and flotation. Go even further and equip your combine with dual tires and you can tackle any terrain.

Hillside Undercarriage

Rear Drop Axle - Undercarriage

Rear Drop Axle - Undercarriage
The newly designed undercarriage has been built to accommodate the increased combine weight and larger platforms and heads. Because we raise the front of the combine with the overcarriage/undercarriage it is necessary to raise the back of the combine. The function of the drop axle is to balance the combine fore/aft. This bolt-on component is located between the combine's main frame and rear axle. The result is an 8" increase to achieve maximum leveling.

Header Adapter and Header Tilt
As combines and platforms get larger and heavier, Hillco continues to meet the challenge. Staying true to our time tested design; Hillco Leveling Systems are equipped with an advanced master/slave hydraulic circuit, coordinating rotation between the combine chassis, header and ground to deliver optional ground hugging performance. This feature can be performed manually to give you control over unusual ground contours and any nasty terraces. Equip your header with Contour Master Sensors and enjoy the superb performance of fully automated lateral tilt/header height control.

Header Adapter and Header Tilt

Crop Feeding System

Crop Feeding System
When you purchase a new John Deere combine with a Hillco Leveling System you will experience maximum throughput. You can be confident the Hillco crop feeding system is designed for any type of crop whether it's green, viney crops and weeds or short, slick straw conditions. The Hillside models use a low maintenance paddle beater feed system to handle the heaviest of crops. Bearings on the paddle beater shaft are protected by a cover that turns with the shaft which reduces wrapping and promotes longer bearing life. The paddles are available in either metal or rubber.

Leveling System Hydraulics — Powerful and Efficient
Hillco's goal is to provide the most efficient product without sacrificing combine performance. With this in mind, we have carefully engineered the Leveling System’s hydraulic circuit to compliment each combine model.

On the S660 & S670 combines a pump is mounted directly to the output shaft on the combine's rear engine housing; isolating the leveling system's hydraulics from the combine's main hydraulic circuit for improved reliability and simplified diagnostics.

The JH9010 hydraulics are incorporated into the existing S680 & S690 closed center hydraulic system. This simplifies installation and eliminates the need for an additional pump reducing costs.

Leveling System Hydraulics

Leveling System Hydraulics

Electronic Slope Control

Electronics — Responsive and Dependable
At Hillco we strive to deliver trouble free leveling systems. With our precision electronic slope sensing combined with variable speed hydraulic leveling control, we deliver the ultimate in smooth, responsive leveling performance. The clinometer-based slope sensor continuously monitors slope and maintains a level combine chassis. The technology utilized in the leveling controller and hydraulic control valve allows for variable leveling speed. The further the combine is out of level the faster the system corrects and, as the combine chassis approaches level, the leveling rate slows. The variable speed leveling is what allows Hillco Leveling Systems to be both smooth and responsive.


Cab Controls — At your Fingertips
For increased operator convenience the leveling controls are now located in the John Deere CommandTouch Armrest Console. Select Automatic mode and the leveling system corrects for slope changes without any operator input. Select Manual mode and the automatic leveling is disabled, allowing the operator to have full control over the combine's chassis position. The Manual mode is especially handy for controlling unloading auger height.

An in-cab color monitor is used to conveniently display warnings and provide electrical diagnostic information.

Cab Controls

Maximum Level Potentiometer

Maximum Level Potentiometer indicates to the controller the undercarriage position in relation to the overcarriage; which proportionately slows leveling speed when approaching maximum level. This reduces stress on cylinders and stops, increasing reliability over mechanical switches, and allows the operator to set leveling limits from the cab for added convenience.

A retractable double step ladder is installed to the bottom of the John Deere ladder allowing for easier access to the cab.


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