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What does a leveling system cost?
There are many factors taken into consideration when quoting a Hillco Leveling System, so you won't see a generic price list. We work closely with your dealership to create a quote specific to your combine and individual needs. Accurate quoting is essential to insuring there are no surprises down the road. We take into account all the costs necessary to equip your combine with a Hillco Leveling System such as combine model, header kits, installation, and freight. To find out how much a leveling system is going to cost for your combine please contact your dealer to get a quote.

Where can I purchase a Hillco Leveling System?
Hillco Leveling Systems for John Deere combines are only available through authorized John Deere dealers. If your dealership is not already a Hillco dealer, have them contact Hillco and we will work towards establishing them as an authorized Hillco dealer. If you prefer to work through an established Hillco dealer please click on the Dealer Locator link or contact Hillco's sales department. If you prefer to work through an established Hillco dealer, please contact Hillco's Sales department.

If I have a Hillco Leveling System installed on my John Deere combine will it void the original combine warranty?
Absolutely not! Hillco entered into a Referral Supplier Agreement with John Deere in 2005 that specifically states that installation of Hillco Leveling Systems on John Deere combines does not affect the existing combine warranties. Additionally, Hillco's Statement of Limited Warranty states that any damage caused to the combine that is directly attributable to a defect or improper design of the Hillco Leveling System is also covered during the effective warranty period.

Can I install a Hillco Leveling System on a used John Deere STS combine?
No problem. All Hillco Leveling Systems are designed for bolt-on installation. Whether your combine is new or used, you can take full advantage of a Hillco Leveling System.

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How are Hillco Leveling Systems installed on my combine?

New Combines: When purchasing a new combine our leveling systems are shipped from our manufacturing facility to our installation site near the John Deere Harvester Works combine plant. Upon your combine's arrival at the installation site, a team of Hillco trained technicians professionally install the Hillco Leveling System onto your new combine. The installation includes a thorough two-part inspection; one completed by the installation team and the second provided by an independently trained inspector. After installation is complete your new sidehill combine is shipped to your dealer. Upon arrival a third pre-field inspection is performed by your dealership.

Pre-Owned Combines: If you are purchasing a new or pre-owned combine already at your dealership or equipping your existing combine, installation can be easily performed by your local dealer. The "Bolt-On" design of Hillco Leveling Systems insures that your dealer's trained technicians can complete a quality installation and final inspection on any model year STS combine.

After Hillco Leveling Systems are installed, regardless of whether you have a new or pre-owned combine, you can be assured your leveling system will be delivered to you field-ready.

How does installation of a Hillco Leveling System affect the size of my combine?
A typical installation will raise a John Deere combine about 5" for the 2955S Sidehill model. Raising the combine is necessary to gain clearance between the top of the tires and the combine's side shields to allow for tilting of the combine chassis. The combine's drive tires are moved forward to help increase the fore/aft balance of the combine. Tread spacing on the front drive tires remains unchanged for dual tire equipped combines and slightly wider for single tire equipped machines. For combines with smaller heads or platforms Hillco provides a narrow undercarriage to keep the combine width inside of the header/platform.

Where do I go for service of a Hillco Leveling System?
Hillco works closely with your local dealership to ensure that you are provided with the on-time, knowledgeable, service you expect. Your dealership is the first point of assistance for all Hillco products and we have provided them with the necessary information to diagnose most any problem. In the event you or your dealership need additional support a knowledgeable Hillco Product Specialist is just a phone call away. Hillco also maintains inventories of components at strategic locations throughout the country to insure timely access to parts.

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What kind of tires can I use on a leveling system equipped combine?
For sidehill equipped combines Hillco has compiled a list of acceptable tires and rims that meet or exceed all TRA standards. Some factory tires may limit leveling due to the tires hitting either the ladder or side shields. Hillco recommends the use of dual drive tires whenever practical, for increased stability and flotation.

How much weight does a Hillco Leveling System add to my combine?
The Hillco Sidehill Leveling System adds around 3300 lbs to the overall weight of the combine.

Do I have to manually level the combine?
No. When switched to the automatic leveling mode the Hillco Leveling System senses the position of your combine's chassis and automatically pivots the combine left or right to maintain level. Hillco Leveling Systems do not compensate for slopes for-and-aft. While in the automatic leveling mode the manual left-right leveling switch overrides the automatic leveling function. When the manual switch is released the combine automatically returns to level. When the combine is in the manual leveling mode, the combine will remain in the position the operator chooses using the manual left-right leveling switch. This is especially handy for changing unloading auger height.

How is my header angle controlled? Do I have to manually adjust the angle?
Hillco Leveling Systems utilize a master/slave hydraulic system to control header angle. As the combine chassis levels the master cylinder displaces oil to the slave cylinder, which rotates the header and keeps it parallel to the ground. The operator has the ability to change the header position relative to the ground by overriding the system using the lateral header tilt switch located in the hydrostat control handle. If the header is equipped with lateral tilt sensors and Contour Master electronics, the operator can place the header in the automatic mode where it will react to the changing ground contours. The result is a fully automated lateral header tilt system with no cables, springs or pulleys.

What changes are required to the headers used with a Hillco Leveling System?
The answer varies depending on the specifics of the header being used. Most rigid and flex headers require little modification. On corn and pick-up heads the telescoping drive shafts are usually changed to CV (constant velocity) style drivelines to accommodate the greater header angles that occur during leveling. Hillco manufacturers a wide variety of header kits to fit the most popular header types and models.

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