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  • CS7010: Sidehill (18%)
  • CH7010: Hillside (27%)
  • CH9010: Hillside (27%)
  • 2810H: Hillside (27%)
  • 3700S: Sidehill (18%)
  • 3700H: Hillside (27%)
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2810H Hillside


2810H Hillside2810H Hillside - 27% Slope Compensation

For Case-IH 8010, 8120, and 9120 combines.

The Heart of Every Hillco Leveling System
We didn't try to reinvent the combine's drive system - we just moved it. In the past, the transmission to final drive power train on most leveling combines has been complex and expensive. The Hillco Leveling System moves the original, reliable, transmission-to-final-drive assembly from the combine's main axle down to the leveling system's undercarriage. There are no extra or non-stock drive train parts, and the results are impressive. This efficient and reliable design keeps the tread face of the tires flat on the ground for increased traction and stability. You can even equip this leveling system with dual drive tires for the ultimate in stability and flotation.

2810H Hillside Undercarriage

2810H Hillside Rear Drop Axle

To compensate for the height increase the overcarriage/undercarriage adds to the combine chassis it is necessary to increase the height of the back of the combine. The function of the drop axle assembly is to balance the combine fore/aft. This bolt-on component is located between the combine's main frame and rear axle. The Hillco 2810 Hillside model raises the combine 12 inches to achieve maximum leveling.

No Cables!
Today's wider headers demand a better header control solution than yesterday's cables and pulleys. Hillco Leveling Systems are equipped with an advanced master/slave hydraulic circuit that coordinates rotation between the combine chassis, header, and ground to deliver the ultimate in ground hugging performance. You have the ability to manually override the master/slave hydraulic circuit to take care of those nasty terraces and other unusual ground contours. It also works great for tight maneuvering through gates and bridges. Equip your header with Terrain Tracker sensors and enjoy the superb performance of fully automated lateral tilt and height control.

Hydraulic Lateral Tilt


A Voracious Appetite
Every Hillco leveling system is equipped with a crop feeding system that ensures maximum throughput. Whether it's green, viney crops and weeds, or short slick straw conditions, Hillco Leveling Systems deliver the capacity you expect from your Case-IH combine. The 2810H uses an ultra-low maintenance paddle beater feed system to handle the heaviest of yields. Anti-wrap strippers ensure that you'll keep harvesting in the toughest conditions. The paddle beater is available in either metal or rubber providing you the right fit for the crop.

Powerful and Efficient
The leveling system's hydraulics are integrated into the combine's auxiliary hydraulics circuit for ease of maintenance and excellent reliability. Carefully engineered to maximize performance and minimize horsepower consumption, the Hillco Leveling System delivers power and speed to keep your Axial Flow combine agile and responsive in the steepest hillside terrain.

Hydraulic Manifold

Digital Electronic Slope Control

Smooth Yet Responsive
Select the Automatic mode and the Hillco Leveling System's state-of-the-art electronic slope sensor and module provide the ultimate in slope compensation performance. The clinometer based slope sensor continuously monitors the sloping field conditions and maintains a level combine chassis. The variable rate technology utilized in the leveling controller and hydraulic control valve allows for leveling speed control from zero to maximum speed. The further the combine is out of level the faster the system corrects and, as the combine chassis approaches level, the leveling rate slows. The variable speed leveling is what allows Hillco Leveling Systems to be smooth and responsive.

Cab Controls
The LCD display console delivers fingertip control of all leveling functions. Select Automatic mode and the leveling system corrects for slope changes without any operator input. Select Manual mode and the Automatic leveling is disabled, allowing the operator to have full control over the combine's chassis position. The Manual mode is especially handy for controlling unloading auger height. A Diagnostic mode makes electrical troubleshooting simple.

Digital Cab Controls

"In our part of Southeast Nebraska we have terraces - and some of them can be steep - the Hillco really shines! It is nice that the grain tank is always level and the grain is not running over the sides. I'm very happy with my Hillco - and I'm on my third one!" - James Bucholz, NE

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